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5th-Oct-2020 08:20 pm - Index
poor pluto


. Bleach .

Complementary [Ichigo/Rukia, Isshin, Karin, Yuzu] [G, wc:995]
Deuces Are Wild [Noveno, Kaien, Rukia] [PG, wc: 505] [spoilers through chapter 264]
Drip [Grimmjaw, Kenpachi] [R, wc: 1185] [spoilers through the Arrancar Arc]
hara-kiri [Kaien/Rukia, Miyako] [G, wc: 798] [spoilers through episode 49]
hasaki ni [Shirayuki/Zangetsu] [G, wc:420]
White Fury [H!Ichigo, Ichigo, Rukia, slight IchiRuki] [R, wc:557]
Springkink 2007, July 3rd - #6 [Grimmjow/Ulquiorra] [R, wc:627]
Springkink 2007, July 7th - #3 [Byakuya/Renji] [R, wc:578]

. Death Note .

Crossed Wires [Matt/Mello] [R, wc:3324] [spoilers through...whenever Matt comes in]
Designated Madcap [Mello/Near] [R, wc:687] [spoilers through chapter 99]
The Intricate Art of Sugar Stacking [L/Light] [R, wc:3119] [spoilers through the end of the series]

. Pokémon .

Phantom [Ash/Misty, Brock/Suzie, Rudi, Gary, others] [PG-16, wc:long] [AU]

. Trigun Maximum .

An Old Meeting Place [Cyclops, Legato, Zazie] [PG, wc:557]
Bite the Bullet [various] [PG-13, wc:1200] [spoilers through the series]
Bringing Home the Bacon [Knives, Legato] [PG, wc:250]
Lost in Translation [Vash, Wolfwood] [G, wc:448]
smirk MILLIONS [Vash, Knives, various] [PG-13, wc:3000] [spoilers through the series]

. Twilight .

High Noon [Jasper] [PG-13, wc:?]

. Wolf's Rain .

Rakuen [Kiba] [G, wc:293]

. Brawl .

Ficlog [Ichigo/Rukia] [PG-13, wc:2025]
Titles Are for Geeks [Matt/Hitsu] [PG-13, wc:2596]
13th-Apr-2008 10:01 pm - Rakuen
poor pluto
Fandom: Wolf's Rain
Title: Rakuen
Characters: Kiba
Rating: G
Word Count: 293
Summary: Kiba's struggle to reach Paradise.
Comments: It's a poem! :O I needed something for a class once, I think. I ended up liking it.

gunpowder and stoneCollapse )
13th-Apr-2008 09:57 pm - smirk MILLIONS
poor pluto
Fandom: Trigun Maximum
Title: smirk MILLIONS
Characters: Knives, Vash, Joey, Rem, Rowan, Steve...pairings would be Joey/Rem
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3,000
Summary: Knives and the gang pre-manga/anime; mixed-verse.
Comments: Written for 30_smirks. Manga verse. Maybe some implied anime. Ignore the strikethrough boldy texty stuff. I was feeling bored creative. :D

smirk MILLIONSCollapse )
13th-Apr-2008 09:54 pm - An Old Meeting Place
poor pluto
Fandom: Trigun Maximum
Title: An Old Meeting Place
Characters: Legato, Cyclops, Zazie the Beast
Rating: PG
Word Count: 557
Summary: Legato calls a meeting with a few of the Gung-Ho Guns.
Comments: Just a small ficlet written in response to a challenge.

An Old Meeting PlaceCollapse )
13th-Apr-2008 09:52 pm - Binging Home the Bacon
poor pluto
Fandom: Trigun Maximum
Title: Bringing Home the Bacon
Characters: Knives, Legato
Rating: PG
Word Count: 250
Summary: Another day, another plant saved.
Comments: Just a little ditty about the twistedness that is Knives and Legato.

Bringing Home the BaconCollapse )
13th-Apr-2008 09:48 pm - Lost in Translation
poor pluto
Fandom: Trigun Maximum
Title: Lost in Translation
Characters: Vash, Wolfwood
Rating: G
Word Count: 448
Summary: Packing uncovers strange things.
Comments: No comments, really. Written in response to another challenge. I do so love challenges. :D

Lost in TranslationCollapse )
13th-Apr-2008 09:38 pm - Bite the Bullet
poor pluto
Fandom: Trigun Maximum
Title: Bite the Bullet
Characters: various
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,200
Summary: A collection of Trigun drabbles. All characters, all genres.
Comments: All are exactly 100 words, inspired by various challenges way back when I wrote them.

Bite the BulletCollapse )
13th-Apr-2008 07:15 pm - The Intricate Art of Sugar Stacking
poor pluto
Fandom: Death Note
Title: The Intricate Art of Sugar Stacking
Characters: L/Light
Rating: R
Word Count: 3119
Summary: Fifty themes, fifty sentences, using the delta theme from the writing comm 1sentence. All L and Light with mentions and/or cameos of a few others. Spoilers through the end of the series.
Comments: I wrote the majority of these nearly two years ago, and randomly decided to finish them up and post them because they did no one any good just sitting here. >/

.: § :.Collapse )
17th-Oct-2007 03:49 am - ficlog
poor pluto
Fandom: Bleach
Title: Ficlog
Characters: Ichigo/Rukia
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2025
Summary: Ichigo and Rukia cuddle. A lot. 8|
Comments: I'm going to call this CWP, because it's just Cute w/o Plot, tyvm. For snuzzie, who can't log anything more intense than a light kiss to save her life! Don't worry, it's cute. :3 *pinches cheeks* X3

ficloooooooooooooog :DCollapse )
2nd-Oct-2007 10:47 pm - Complementary
poor pluto
Fandom: Bleach
Title: Complementary
Characters: Ichigo/Rukia-esque, Isshin, Karin, Yuzu
Rating: G
Word Count: 995
Summary: Rukia muses to herself within the comfort of the Kurosaki family.
Comments: For _tehrin! I think you devoured Bleach faster than I did. :3

complementary- forming a complement; completingCollapse )
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