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Deuces Are Wild

Fandom: Bleach
Title: Deuces Are Wild
Characters: Kaien, Noveno, Rukia
Rating: PG
Word Count: 505
Summary: Basically a recap of 262, 263, and 264 from Noveno's POV.
Comments: Written in about ten minutes as an immediate reaction to reading a rough, incomplete translation and a blurry raw of 264. Double POV.

Noveno sensed a shinigami.

Kaien recognized an old friend.

They both want to be the one to greet her. Neither want another Espada to get there first, to ruin their fun, to spoil their surprise. Kaien doesn’t want her to die. Yet. At all. He doesn’t really know. But he knows that he wants to talk to her first.

Noveno wants to as well.

It’s fun. Leading her into the dark and pulling off the mask, watching as her face changes from one of suspicion to surprise. Kaien loves making her react. He loves affecting her in some way. Noveno loves it too. Her guard is down. Only Kaien can do that. He’s pleased with himself. So is Noveno.

Talking is fun, but it gets boring. Kaien has never been one for talk. Noveno thirsts for bloody action. When they pull their sword on her together they can’t help but grin. Surprise again. Shock. It’s so fun, so rewarding. But she dodges. They aren’t been expecting that. There’s barely any blood. There could be more shock there, more surprise.

He wants to do it again.

Other reiatsu are approaching. His brethren; he can sense their power. They’re going to be discovered soon. They’re going to have to share her attention. Kaien doesn’t want to share her attention. Noveno doesn’t want anyone else to have her, to take her, to stain their clothes with her blood.

Kaien doesn’t either.

He teases. He’s always teased. It’s fun to yank her around. He jokes about killing her. He jokes about forcing her to repay her debt to him, to avenge her wrong.

She agrees. That’s no fun. They frown.

Duty. Duty is familiar to Kaien. He was raised a Shiba; he’s always done what was expected of him, and what he’s expected of himself. That’s understandable. Noveno understands duty as well. He fulfills his obligations to his brethren, to his master. It’s very understandable.

But her duty to her friend is admissible. Her friend is here to stay. There’s nothing she can do about that, and he won’t let her anyway. He wants her life now that she‘s here, wants it for his own. To take hers as she’s taken his. Possess it. Bend it a little. Snuff it. Because it’s going to happen anyway. He just wants to be the one to do it. Noveno has waited for a chance like this for decades, together with Kaien, ninth of the Espada, Fukutaichou to the Thirteenth.

It gets so boring sometimes, with only yourself to talk to.

Another game. Kaien likes games. Bets. Deals. He knows she won’t agree. Noveno doesn’t expect her to. Neither wants her to. Then the game is too easy. Then the game has no point. Besides, they want to see her react.

Her reactions are always so fun.

They’ve never seen her zanpakutou released before.

They’ve always been a little curious.

It’s pretty. He grins and draws his own.

This is the most fun he’s had since the last game they played together.
Tags: bleach, kaien, noveno, rukia

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