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Springkink 2007, July 3rd - #6

Fandom: Bleach
Title: prompt: Bleach, Ulquiorra/Grimmjow: Urgent, frantic sex (not rough) - "You just keep coming back for more."
Characters: Grimmjow/Ulquiorra
Rating: R
Word Count: 627
Summary: Grimmjow's still riding his ecstasy after receiving his new arm and regaining his status.
Comments: Kinda graphic. Short, though, so not too bad. Enjoy? 8D

The hard Las Noches wall was uncomfortable and unforgiving against his back. Ulquiorra opened his mouth to protest being shoved against it, and found it quickly sealed shut again as Grimmjow pushed him back and kissed him hard. “The blood--” he managed to say as he broke away, but paused when the back of his mask knocked against the wall, then again as Grimmjow hurriedly kissed him again. The larger Arrancar grinned, and Ulquiorra felt something cold and wet seeping through the cloth over his hip.

"Feels good, don’t it?" Grimmjow was now fumbling with the ties of his hakama, his hands both slicked and crusted by the thick red liquid coating them. "Powerful. Kinda liberatin’."

"Barbaric," Ulquiorra countered, then promptly clamped his mouth shut as Grimmjow shoved a thigh between his knees and pressed promisingly against him.

"You’re the one who came for me this time, Quatro." He was fumbling with Ulquiorra’s hakama now, red-coated fingers brushing purposely against him. Ulquiorra had to take a moment to compose himself enough to speak.

"I thought," he said carefully, "that you would have taken a moment to clean yourself."

"Before the blood’s dry?" Grimmjow grinned and let them fall, fingers deftly unzipping Ulquiorra’s jacket in a half-familiar, half-hurried motion. "Little bastard went out of his way to piss me off. I’m gonna let what’s left of him live in pain for as long as possible." He kissed Ulquiorra again, hard enough to knock his head against the wall as his left arm ran up and down the smaller Espada’s side deftly, then scratched at his hip bones urgently. Ulquiorra stifled another soft moan.

"I think," he managed to say against Grimmjow’s lips, squirming a little as he struggled not to react to the large hand creeping slowly below his navel, "that I liked you better without your arm." He gasped and thrust against his hand suddenly, and Grimmjow grinned knowingly as he tightened his fingers and stroked.

"Wouldn’t be able to do this without it," he taunted gruffly, quickly lifting Ulquiorra’s leg and curling it around his waist with his free hand. He smirked as he felt the Espada hold it there on his own. "Been a while?"

Ulquiorra glared at him. "What happened to the frantic rush your were in a moment ago?"

"Nothin’. I just like takin' the time to watch your face change during this part." He lifted Ulquiorra’s hips and quickly slid inside him before the Arrancar could protest, putting off his own reaction for as long as possible in order to grin half-dazedly at the sound Ulquiorra’s helmet made as it cracked against the wall, and at the sudden bite of fingernails as they dug into his sides.

"You," Ulquiorra half-gasped, obviously struggling to control himself, "are," he was having trouble keeping his head off the wall, "infuriating sometimes." Angry green eyes finally slid shut as Grimmjow worked himself in further, and the Sixth allowed himself a low groan and a shiver as he watched. The fact that Ulquiorra reacted this way to him and only him was more arousing than the act itself, but he figured the more powerful Espada really didn’t need to know that.

Shifting his own hips impatiently, Grimmjow pressed his mask against Ulquiorra’s bare jaw and rubbed the skin there with the lines of his teeth. "And yet," he said breathlessly, "you jus’ keep comin’ back for more."

"Not for you," Ulquiorra protested, even as Grimmjow felt his fingers tighten in his side. He grinned and began to move, and felt the silent gasp Ulquiorra released against his ear.

"Ya jus’ like quickies that much, then?"

"...I dislike you intensely."

Grimmjow kissed the corner of Ulquiorra’s jaw in mock affection. "For me, that’s what makes ‘em worth it."
Tags: bleach, grimmjow/ulquiorra

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