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Springkink 2007, July7th - #3

Fandom: Bleach
Title: Bleach, Byakuya/Renji: Aristocracy - "No one here can say a word."
Characters: Byakuya/Renji
Rating: R
Word Count: 578
Summary: Renji misunderstands Byakuya's intentions to officialize their illegitimate relationship.
Comments: A lot is said without being said. I hope it makes sense to more than just me. @.@

It wasn’t like Renji to be reluctant, just as it wasn’t like Byakuya to instigate a kiss without provocation. It was returned after some hesitation, but just as everything else the fukutaichou had ever hesitated on, Byakuya caught and commented on it.

"You’re not comfortable here."

Renji’s eyes flicked from Byakuya’s face to a random point somewhere over his shoulder, watching the Kuchiki servants move about the noble house uneasily. "Of course I’m not fucking comfortable,” he muttered irritably. “We’re right in the middle of your fucking mansion."

Byakuya sighed and looked to Renji’s other side. "Of course. You would rather be on the training grounds, or even in some backwater hovel--"

"At least those hovels’ve got privacy," Renji growled, and Byakuya realized his servants’ presence were accountable for his discomfort, and not their location.

"The help here is mine," he explained. "My status requires it. To sneak away and disappear for a few hours is more suspicious than to--"

"Than to what, make out with your subordinate in the fucking hallway? Do you have any idea what‘ll happen to me if I get caught breakin’ the rules like this?"

"Some," Byakuya said through pursed lips, mildly annoyed. "Do you know what will become of me if it is discovered that I sneak off with my fukutaichou after his training?"

"And invitin’ me into your house is s’pposed to throw ‘em off somehow, is it?"

"Nevermind," Byakuya dismissed him, and turned to take care of the affairs he’d been putting off up till then, leaving Renji to show himself out.

It wasn’t until later that evening that Renji realized what a prick he’d been. He had minimal trouble sneaking back into the Kuchiki estates now that he knew where he was going, and found Byakuya returning from his study with a half-written stack of reports in his hand, already dressed for bed. The captain had hardly called back the crushing wave of reiatsu he’d released at finding someone strange in his rooms when Renji was backing him up against the nearest wall and kissing him fiercely, the forgotten reports now crumpled in his hand as he clutched at the fukutaichou robes in surprise.


Renji pressed gentle kisses beneath his jaw in lieu of an apology, from his chin to his ear, and Byakuya sighed in response, letting the papers fall on a nearby nightstand in a vague attempt to save his evening’s work. He stiffened suddenly when he felt teeth nip carefully behind his ear.

"You know," Renji said quietly, hands sliding up his sides, "if you wanted to start some legitimate gossip about us, you could’ve just said so."

"I believe finding you here for breakfast in the morning is a more effective method than the one I had concocted," Byakuya admitted, snaking his arms over the redhead’s shoulders.

Renji grinned ferally, the way Byakuya was used to, as he pressed his superior promisingly against the wall. "And the servants ain’t allowed to talk about it?"

Byakuya tugged Renji’s hair loose, feigning disinterest. "Not a word."

"’Sat mean we don’t gotta be careful about sound ‘n stuff?"

"You were being careful before?"

Renji laughed at the surprised look on Byakuya’s face, then kissed him as his fingers found the sash tying his robes shut, tugging insistently. "You keep underestimatin’ your fukutaichou, sir," he said into his ear, nosing the dark hair there aside. "I promise ya I can give your servants plenty to not talk about."
Tags: bleach, byakuya/renji

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