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hasaki ni

Fandom: Bleach
Title: hasaki ni
Characters: Shirayuki/Zangetsu
Rating: G
Word Count: 420
Summary: A very brief recap of their time throughout the series through Zangetsu's eyes.
Comments: Why do I write at 4am? I owe snuzzie this ShiraGetsu, and an Ichiruki too. Um. I'm working on it. 8D

He’s not yet sentient the first time he comes in contact with her presence, but sentience is often overrated. He feels her, and that is more than enough. She gives him form, supports his weightless wisp of consciousness like the ghost of a crutch, far more dependable than any cut of wood. In return he strengthens her. She accepts his raw power with the curiosity and grace of one unfamiliar with its concept, learns to wield it with and through him, takes that knowledge away with her when she leaves. It takes him longer to understand. He has never been so close to an entity that does not share his desire for strength.

They don’t merge again, but later he is able to think for himself, and he thinks of their time together. There were no words, only silent dedications, loyalties, a kind of quiet acceptance they both recognized for what it was.

She could have killed him that night, the tip of her blade pressed firmly to the skin over his heart. Instead she’d felt him stir and, for reasons he could not yet fathom, encouraged a connection zanpakutou normally refrained from forging with souls foreign to their own shinigami.

They fight as one when the noble comes for her. Two brief skirmishes, but one is inexperienced in comparison and the other loathe to spar against family, no matter the cause. In the next moment she’s gone, and he’s broken. He’s incapable of reforging himself without her crisp winter warmth to guide him. He feels as if he’s dying.

When he learns of her fate, his determination comes quick and solid. No sooner is he able to think than frustration burns through his mind. He forces his counterpart to train harder, learn him better, in the hopes that together they will find that inherent oneness he had experienced with her.

There is no gratitude when they found themselves fighting side by side again, separate this time, but still together. She saves him from destruction at the hands of an Arrancar, and he is able to fully recognize and appreciate that shift in her power he had, until then, only been able to sense in sporadic hints. For him, he knows. She grows more powerful now for him.

Their bond remains somehow despite the space between them. Both are aware of its name; neither give it voice. Swords have no use for words. She is the reason he exists. He is the reason she continues to.

And then she breaks.
Tags: bleach, shiragetsu, shirayuki, zangetsu

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