The Planet Pluto (theplanetpluto) wrote,
The Planet Pluto

Binging Home the Bacon

Fandom: Trigun Maximum
Title: Bringing Home the Bacon
Characters: Knives, Legato
Rating: PG
Word Count: 250
Summary: Another day, another plant saved.
Comments: Just a little ditty about the twistedness that is Knives and Legato.

Knives’ bare hand rested against the plant’s glass wall like it was just that—a glass wall and nothing more. Her raw power blended with his skin so seamlessly, so naturally, that Legato was awed.

“Look at them run. They’ll never make it.”

“Sir?” Legato tore his attention from the spectacle before him, followed Knives’ eyes out along the horizon. A small, ragged herd of lumpy dots could just barely be seen shimmering behind the heat waves released from Gunsmoke’s cooling sand. In another hour it would be completely dark; when the suns set here they set fast.

Knives’ chuckle lacked any humor Legato could sense. He glanced once at his subordinate, smirking, then regarded the plant’s frail hand, resting smoothly against his own.

“She’s afraid,” he murmured, almost inaudibly. “But she needn’t be. Not anymore. With that human scum gone she’ll finally be free to live a life of her own again. As for the humans, well, they deserve what’s coming to them. That and more.”

“They might live,” Legato reminded him. Humans were annoying like that.

“You think so? It’s quite a furnace out there.” Knives’ wild eyes focused on the scorched landscape once more. “This planet is an oven—a hungry, sizzling skillet, if you will. She loves to eat things alive. Consider me her doting husband.” His grin twisted suddenly into something much more malicious, his teeth pointed like the spines of a sand salmon. “I won’t cook for her, but I’ll bring home the bacon.”
Tags: knives, legato, trigun maximum

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