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. Bleach .

Complementary [Ichigo/Rukia, Isshin, Karin, Yuzu] [G, wc:995]
Deuces Are Wild [Noveno, Kaien, Rukia] [PG, wc: 505] [spoilers through chapter 264]
Drip [Grimmjaw, Kenpachi] [R, wc: 1185] [spoilers through the Arrancar Arc]
hara-kiri [Kaien/Rukia, Miyako] [G, wc: 798] [spoilers through episode 49]
hasaki ni [Shirayuki/Zangetsu] [G, wc:420]
White Fury [H!Ichigo, Ichigo, Rukia, slight IchiRuki] [R, wc:557]
Springkink 2007, July 3rd - #6 [Grimmjow/Ulquiorra] [R, wc:627]
Springkink 2007, July 7th - #3 [Byakuya/Renji] [R, wc:578]

. Death Note .

Crossed Wires [Matt/Mello] [R, wc:3324] [spoilers through...whenever Matt comes in]
Designated Madcap [Mello/Near] [R, wc:687] [spoilers through chapter 99]
The Intricate Art of Sugar Stacking [L/Light] [R, wc:3119] [spoilers through the end of the series]

. Pokémon .

Phantom [Ash/Misty, Brock/Suzie, Rudi, Gary, others] [PG-16, wc:long] [AU]

. Trigun Maximum .

An Old Meeting Place [Cyclops, Legato, Zazie] [PG, wc:557]
Bite the Bullet [various] [PG-13, wc:1200] [spoilers through the series]
Bringing Home the Bacon [Knives, Legato] [PG, wc:250]
Lost in Translation [Vash, Wolfwood] [G, wc:448]
smirk MILLIONS [Vash, Knives, various] [PG-13, wc:3000] [spoilers through the series]

. Twilight .

High Noon [Jasper] [PG-13, wc:?]

. Wolf's Rain .

Rakuen [Kiba] [G, wc:293]

. Brawl .

Ficlog [Ichigo/Rukia] [PG-13, wc:2025]
Titles Are for Geeks [Matt/Hitsu] [PG-13, wc:2596]
Tags: bleach, brawl, death note, index, pokemon, trigun maximum, wolf's rain

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    Fandom: Bleach Title: Ficlog Characters: Ichigo/Rukia Rating: PG Word Count: 2025 Summary: Ichigo and Rukia cuddle. A lot. 8| Comments: I'm…

  • Complementary

    Fandom: Bleach Title: Complementary Characters: Ichigo/Rukia-esque, Isshin, Karin, Yuzu Rating: G Word Count: 995 Summary: Rukia muses to…

  • hasaki ni

    Fandom: Bleach Title: hasaki ni Characters: Shirayuki/Zangetsu Rating: G Word Count: 420 Summary: A very brief recap of their time throughout…

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