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Other Fic Recs

lj fic recs

.:. assumed familiarity with the present arc, spoilers throughout .:.

. Bleach .

Beautiful [IchiRukiHichi] [G, wc:1047]
Bright Lights [IchiRuki] [G, wc:7635]
Center of the Universe [IchiRenRuki, Byakuya] [G, wc:1470]
The Father-Daughter Dance [IchiRuki, Isshin] [G, wc:888]
Its Hour Come Round At Last [IchiRuki, Isshin] [PG, wc:4793]
Mistletoeing [IchiRuki] [G, wc:914]
Morning After [ByaRen] [M, wc:1150]
The Perfect Couple [IchiRuki] [G, wc:332]
Proposition [IchiRuki] [PG, wc:2082]

. Death Note .

. Kingdom Hearts .

. Pokémon .

. Trigun Maximum .

. Wolf's Rain .

Tags: bleach, death note, kingdom hearts, pokemon, trigun maximum, wolf's rain

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